I have experienced the losing and discovering of myself through traveling some place. I can lose myself when I go to lake or beach in the middle of nowhere because the temptation when I see blue sky and water are very tense for my mind. It’s refreshing my body and my soul. I can’t handle that feeling. It flows beneath my skin and through my vessel. Like I had experienced when I went to one of the lake in Purwodadi with my father and my brother. I lost myself there and I became one with the nature. In many trips that I’ve taken, I begin to understand that every human can survive in the extreme condition because actually their instinct tells them what can or can’t they do. Sometime it happens when you get lost during your trip or something bad happen to you. In here, I discover that I’m individualist and egoist person when I travel. I think that is normal for someone become that kind of person.

As traveler, I have a lot of experiences. Since technology is developing by the time, traveling becomes very easy. Many travelers depend on their gadget for looking the information of the place that they want to go. I also one of them, because actually a lot of places that I know is from social media. But lately, I’ve experienced how to talk and approach someone to gain more and detail information about that place. Those experiences are very useful to built our soft skill in society.

“What gives value to travel is fear”, in my opinion, that means every single person who takes their trip to somewhere has their own fear. But during their journey the things that they are afraid of can appear at anytime and “unpredictable”. They must face it if they want to continue. Because of that, every trip is unique and have their own value depend on how often we bravely face our fear in that trip.

Like many people has already known, that every journey has their own problems in it, me as well. I’ve ever experienced that in my trip. Usually I solve that problem by myself because I think that is my concern and become my responsibility to solve that problem. The most important in this case, you must be brave to take any risks that face on your way.