Salatiga, 16 May 2017

By. Anno Bergas


Thursday morning, away to the South of Salatiga, about 30 to 45 minutes by motorcycle. My curiosity lead me to Tengaran to see one place that the locals named, Curug Belondo. Actually, Curug means waterfall and Belondo means Dutch. The journey was very delightful because we could see the beautiful scenery along the way there, combination of paddies field and Merapi and Merbabu Mountain create a great picture of nature.


Beside those beautiful along the way, there was problem to find the location of the waterfall. Because, there was no sighs of this place that we could find along the way there. So, we had to ask the locals, which way was the correct way to pass. It could be better if there were several sighs to the location. The only sigh that we could find was near the location of the waterfall.

Fortunately, the location was really nice and easy to be accessed by almost any vehicles. Only pay the contribution and parking ticket Rp. 5.000, -, we could enter the location. There was only one kiosk inside the location, it sold drinks and food that you could buy before reached the waterfall.

IMG_20170511_140407_HDRFrom the entrance, we could bring in our vehicles and continued by foot down the hill. About 10 minutes after we passed along the paddies field and crossed the river by bamboo bridge, until we arrived in Curug Belondo.

Curug Belondo was not so high, maybe about 8-10 meters high. In the middle of the current there was a death tree that made the waterfall seemed unique, and the current was not so strong.


So, it was very save to enter and play below the waterfall or we could also jump into the river near the waterfall. The perfect time to come here was in the morning or in the afternoon, because the weather was so nice during that time.